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Born in Chicago, Adrian Wong has become one of Hong Kong's most prolific artists working in multimedia. He holds a master's degree in research psychology from Stanford University, and this influences his approach to art-making.He also lectures in critical theory and teaches sculpture. He is based both in Hong Kong and also Los Angeles.Adrian Wong is also the co-founder and Director of.

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The artist's Paris gallery debut "Bauhaus Gals—Theatre" is on view at Perrotin. by Cathy Fan October 26, 2023. "I envision the entire exhibition as one art piece, transforming the space into a.

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Dubai-based sales agency Cercamon has acquired worldwide rights for Indonesian film "Crocodile Tears," it was revealed at Hong Kong rights market FilMart. The film is a co-production between.

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Bloodsport is not a great movie but it always entertains. The Hong Kong-set action drama is best known for propelling Belgian martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme into the Hollywood big league.

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Returning to Hong Kong for its seventh edition from Thursday 26 May to Sunday 29 May 2022 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, this year's fair is putting the focus on local artists, new and established. From veterans like Chow Chun Fai to post-'90s artist Giraffe Leung, this year's roster of Hong Kong creatives is set to.

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Sim Chan. Sim Chan (b. 1987) is an exciting emerging artist whose work is intensely connected to Hong Kong's urban architecture. He was named one of "40 Under 40" rising Asian talent by Perspective Magazine in 2013 and a finalist for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2011 and 2013. Chan is fascinated by modern city life and society, and.

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William Zhao. Photo by Edmon Leong. HK Tatler's editor-at-large for art William Zhao has been a serious collector for more than a decade, during which the ex-banker has amassed more than 300 works. The meticulously curated collection includes sculptures and paintings from all over the world, from 1,500-year-old Pakistanian Gandhara Buddhist figurines to a drawing by Picasso.

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Kelly Chen Wai-lam (born Vivian Chen Wai-man on 13 September 1972) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress. She has been referred to as a "Diva of Asia" (Chinese: 亞 洲 天 后; lit.'Asia's Heavenly Queen'). Chen has great success in the East Asian entertainment industry with nearly 20 million record sales of 38 albums.

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However, the rapid advancements in technology have also opened up numerous opportunities for companies operating in the entertainment sector, encompassing various areas such as scriptwriting.

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Chan Kong-sang (born 7 April 1954), known professionally as Jackie Chan, SBS MBE PMW (Chinese: 成龍, Yale romanization: Sìhng Lùhng, Jyutping: Sing4 Lung4; lit. "becoming the dragon";) is a Hong Kong actor, director, writer, producer, martial artist, and stuntman known for his slapstick acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and innovative stunts, which he typically performs himself.

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Masih Ingatkah Pada 10 Artis Legenda Mandarin Ini? Kembali pada ingatan di tahun 1990-an, ada momen di mana para artis dan penyanyi mandarin begitu populer di Indonesia, sampai-sampai banyak poster dan lagu yang digemari. Di antara para artis dan penyanyi tersebut ada yang masih eksis dan ada yang sudah meninggal.

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The singer and actress - who has recorded more than 30 albums over the years - remains ever popular, with a loyal fan base that spans Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and mainland China.

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Frances Arnold. Jul 30, 2016 3:34AM. From Beijing to Shanghai, Shenyang to the internet, a young crop of Chinese artists are making waves. They follow in the footsteps of a generation with a megastar status that was set at a time when China and its art were still something exotic, something to discover—and all the more fetishized thanks to.

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Cheng Ting Ting. Cheng Ting Ting ( Chinese: 鄭婷婷; b. 1990) is a contemporary artist from Hong Kong. [1] Her work includes primarily oil paintings and drawings, [2] [3] but also prints, [4] artists' books, [5] collages and projections. [6] [7] Cheng's works are personal and often feature memories from her childhood and adolescence, as.

Artis Hongkong Jadul Hot / Mengenang Aktris Aktris Mandarin Cantik Era 90 An Ada Yang Masih

172 likes, 5 comments - woawgallery on February 26, 2024: "On view now! "Fluid Maze" is on view now at WOAW Gallery Wan Chai! Art Work: Dony Cheng (."